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Flower Meanings:

1. Lily- Sympathy, majesty and purity.
Lilies are often                    8. Carnations- Admiration, remembrance 
interpreted as a symbol of the innocence that has been                     and love. With a name derived from the
restored to the soul of the departed.                                                       word "coronations", carnations are

                                                                                                                 popular sympathy flowers because they
2. Rose- Love, respect and courage.                                                         symbolize admiration for the 
Red roses represent love and respect for the departed.                      departed.
Yellow roses represent friendship.
Pink roses represent appreciation.                                                           9. Peace Lily- Innocence and rebirth.
                                                                                                                          The peace lily symbolizes rebirth and
3 .Chrysanthemum- Truth, grief and loyalty.                                          the spirit's entrance into the realm that
White Chrysanthemum are widely used for funeral services              lies beyond the physical.
in many parts of Asia where they symbolize grief.
                                                                                                                           10. Tulip- Love, confidence and rebirth.
4. Gladiolus- Character, sincerity and integrity.                                     As one of Spring's most popular flowers,
Elegant and classic, gladioli are popular for traditional                        the tulip symbolizes new beginnings as 
funerals and symbolizes strength of character.                                      well as deep love for the departed.

5. Daffodil- Rebirth, new beginnings. Daffodils symbolizes rebirth
for the departed, whose souls are entering another realm of existence.

6. Orchids- Admiration, innocence and reverence. Orchids symbolize admiration departed and
are traditionally gifted as a sign of respect.

7.Hydrangea: Heartfelt emotions and understanding. Give a bouquet of hydrangeas to
convey your sympathies and condolences.

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